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Yahïa Ouled-Moussa

Yahïa Ouled-Moussa, www.yahiaouledmoussa.com, is a Paris based designer who has a way with reinventing old clothing or fabrics into funky and functional design objects. As with many of the people involved with Vitrine, it is hard to determine a category of designer or artist and Yahia is a perfect example. He studied interior architecture in Paris, but it was through a job with a French cabinet-maker who specialized in restoring period furniture where he developed his passion for furniture and design. Ouled-Moussa transforms sturdy, vintage French linens, army sacks or antique porcelain tea sets into stylish smocks, small sitting stools, and bound sculpture. He was also one of the first friends I made in Paris when I had the good fortune to walk into his small storefront in the 17th arrondissement. I was immediately captivated by the work and couldn’t wait to tell people about it. As I began to formulate the ideas for www.thevitrine.com, it was a no-brainer that Yoming would be included.
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