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Volcanoes- Set of 40 Notecards


This series of 40 volcanoes were first hand painted by Marie and then digitally printed onto a light cream-colored weighted card stock. They are note card size, (4" x 6") and come in a lovely red silk-screened printed box. They started as a series of small paintings that Marie was creating on an almost daily basis, into which she put her state of mind that day, full of its own emotions, realities, dreams and desires, and influenced by the things she had read, eaten or seen. Each of the 40 volcanoes reflects this process. Each is unique and the colors, brushstrokes and forms all take on a personality. Some evoke pastries and cakes, some are quite sexual, others have defined figurative elements, and all of them have their own little poof of smoke emitting from the top. They are sweet, fun and look great hung on the wall, or used as note cards to say hello or happy birthday. Ironically the day the cards were printed as a series, Eyjafjallajokull erupted! Nature works in mysterious ways. The portfolio ships worldwide and for free!