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Variopinte by Stefania di Petrillo

Variopinte is a line of enamel dishware designed by Stefania di Petrillo. Stefania was born in Parma, Italy and is currently based in Paris, France. She trained at the Politecnico University in Milan and ENSCI (the School of Industrial Design) in Paris. She has worked with Louis Cane and Herve van der Straeten in Paris before joining the design firm of Daniel Rozensztroch, where she worked for three years.

Her latest project, Variopinte, "A Tavola" (at the table), started in November of 2006 when she was invited to participate in an artistic residency in Perigord in the Dordogne region of France. She was inspired by the generosity of the people she encountered, and their love of shared meals and good food that is characteristic of this region.

A Tavola is a concept and artwork based on the idea of creating a fully set table that can be laid out anywhere. While in Perigord she created an installation that included a table made from recuperated wood that can fold up and hold all necessary dining objects. The Variopinte line of dishware developed out of this project.