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Tanya Aguiñiga

Tanya Aguiñiga lives and works in Los Angeles. She received an MFA in furniture design from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2005. Tanya grew up between San Diego and Tijuana and her work is very much informed by the issues surrounding the border between them. She says that her color palette is inspired by the fruit and candy vendors in Tijuana, and her clean lines from the organized structuring of California freeways. This juxtaposition is perfect in describing her work. Moving easily between furniture, jewelry, art, installation, textiles and fashion, she mixes beautiful, vivid color with modernist forms and contemporary shapes. Felt and fiber are frequent materials as are weaving and the use of natural dyes.

In 2010 she spent six-weeks in Chiapas, Mexico where she worked with women, learning some of their incredible weaving techniques, and teaching them felting techniques, as well as tools to try and develop their work for the marketplace. She launched the artist's collaborative Artists Helping Artisans, which focuses on helping artisans in marginalized communities whose craft traditions or livelihoods are at risk.