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Steve Goss

Steve Goss is an artist and online education specialist in NYC. He received his PhD in “” in 2009 from Columbia University. He is currently working as the head of **online education at Bank Street College.

Steve was one of my first friends in NY many years ago and since I have known him he has always working on some funky art project. In the late 90s he produced Art Theft, a handmade book detailing various art crimes and their weapons of choice for the break-in. For a birthday gift he gave me a gift-wrapped box with a piece of paper taped to the backside with a lengthy text detailing a sort of conceptual proposition about whether the gift is in giving as core value or if it was the actual object. It dared me to open it, but I didn’t. It naturally “opened” after a few years in my apartment and a cross-town move. Colombo Interiors is one of his latest projects and I thought it would be fun to share with The Vitrine viewers. Enjoy!