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Sarah Crowner

Sarah Crowner lives and works in New York City. She received her BA from the University of Santa Cruz and her Master’s in Art from Hunter College in 2002. She also studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.

Sarah’s artistic practice is a multi-disciplinary one, moving between painting, sculpture, literature, and textiles. Her 2008 solo show with Nicelle Beauchene Gallery in New York City, titled “Paintings & Pots,” included a selection of paintings which she creates by sewing together pieces of fabric into various geometric patterns, as well as a series of white ceramic pots inspired by the work of legendary artist, Beatrice Wood. Crowner’s paintings were most recently included in the 2010 Whitney Biennial in New York.

“Small Observations on the Small Tasks of Sarah Crowner’s Geometric Abstraction:” by Todd Alden.

“Sarah Crowner’s oblique practice consists of unpacking, remembering, and transliterating clipped fragments from the archive of Modernist abstraction. Rather than simply re-imagining-or simply re-imaging-painterly abstraction according to the universal and timeless procedures of professional painting, Crowner turns instead to the small tasks of the bricoleur (or the bricoleuse), allowing her materials and methods to speak. Using scissors, fabric, thread and an industrial sewing machine, Crowner re-stitches fragments-or approximate fragments-of sometimes recognizable passages (Bridget Riley’s stripes or Blinky Palermo’s colorful tropes for example) into new conjunctions of materials and with hopes of new functions. Revealing what it remembers, but remembering what it forgets, Crowner’s re-tooled rhetoric of abstraction is a throw of the dice, dreaming silently of the alphabet that dreams. And of more matter with less art.”