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Makelike is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded in 2000 by artist/designers Mary Kysar and Topher Sinkinson. Based in Portland, Oregon the studio has since grown to include artist and illustrator, Rob Halverson, studio manager Tara Shirriff, artist Kristen Kennedy, Liz Calderon, and artist and letterpress preservationist, Alisha Hensen.

As well as creating this fantastic line of tea towels, wallpaper and bedding, Makelike studio includes art direction, graphic and pattern design, illustration, product development and identity/brand applications. They maintain a diverse portfolio of projects that clearly keeps the collaborative studio fresh and funky. Nature-inspired themes, forest and cactus, form the first lines of products by Makelike. Their graphics are really animated and full of life- some of them seem like they could star in their own animated tv series.

Counted among some of their influences are whiskey pulls at Disney World, truck stop shopping, and Montana landscapes, and for hobbies, melon balling, yodeling and demolition. Seriously talented and productive designers with a seriously good sense of humor and appreciation of the silly.

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