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Dino Sanchez

Dino Sanchez is a New York City based artist and designer. He studied industrial design at Carnegie Mellon but his work often involves a variety of disciplines depending on the idea and the project at hand. After college he started Orange Italic with type designer Christian Schwartz, as a creative outlet outside of his day-to-day work. In 2002 he started his own practice with the same approach: focusing on the idea of something and having the ability to execute it the way he really envisions it; creating something simply for the sake of creating something.

Recent projects include, "Keep Air Fresh," an ongoing installation and public art project that has so far been ‘exhibited’ in over 180 locations. The humble matchbox reconsidered for a common, though not primary or expected use, in turn becomes a new object in home décor and an under the radar, public art project, if not a tongue-in-cheek public service announcement. The STACKS:LAMPS, a limited edition series of 20 lamps handcrafted with birch plywood and made in three sizes.

And "Will You Ever Use Me Again," a set of 10 standard No.2 pencils inscribed with this phrase. This project is currently being installed throughout New York City, primarily in Apple stores and on Apple iPad advertisements. The series is meant to be humorous, but also as a reminder that technology has displaced our use of a basic, steadfast tool of craft. Soon to be released on The Vitrine.