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Cécile Daladier

Cécile Daladier is an artist who lives and works between Paris + the Drôme in rural southern France. She started off as a professional musician and eventually found herself drawn towards visual art, in particular, with ceramics. With a passion and knowledge for the botanical world and gardening, she began to make individual vessels and vases in various shapes and sizes that were meant to hold a specific flower or stem. This project has continued to grow and develop. She is now working in the raku firing, and she recently built her own raku kiln.

Since 1999 she has regularly collaborated with Nicolas Soulier,  architect and urbanist, under the name Assai. This work also influenced by the landscape as well as urban gardening. In 2006, they received first prize for the international competition of gardens, for the best private plots organized in Austria.

All of Cécile's ceramics are first thrown on the wheel and then hand formed. She makes her own enamels and the glazing remains somewhat experimental, though typically stays within range of whites, grays, blacks and umbers.