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Adonde is a small design company started by Javier Gutiérrez and Laurent Serin and based in France.  The ceramic dishware is both sculptural and functional, giving a creative approach to dining. Plates are plates but also are lids. Bowls are bowls but also serving dishes or ceramic Tupperware to store food. They looked great on the table and on the shelf.

In fact, the ceramic bowls and plates are a favorite of many European chefs, including both M. Alain Ducasse and Joel Robuchon. Adónde seems to have a unique approach to materials. There is a strong personal touch to the work that keeps their vision grounded and focused. When I learned that Gutiérrez studied Anthropology and Serin has a background in engineering and as an artist, it made sense: fun and funky meets practical and refined. The two designers applied an ongoing mathematical formula to the modular, stackable ceramic dishware allowing the to have multiple and continuous formations. 

Fabrication of all the work is made in France, Spain and Italy. The serving utensils are handmade using jatoba wood, also known as Brazilian cherry that comes from a FSC certified forest.