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  • Artist Book by Andrew Zarou
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Absense Admin


Absence Admin is a limited edition, artist's book by Andrew Zarou that presents cellphone photographs taken by Andrew Zarou documenting random, abstracted and geometric elements taken around New York City. Painted markings on the sidewalks and gravel, looming shadows from street lights, the pattens left from to much gum being tossed on the street, plywood covering a doorway, random signage, open cables and tagged telephone wires. Urban markings- some of which may have meaning to certain city workers while others seem to be those seemingly non sensical images we encounter daily while walking in the city. The photographs appear on the right hand side of the page with the date on the left-the only clue in an otherwise anonymous encounter between the artist and New York City. The book measures 6 3/4" square.

Edition of 50.